First Time Since the Pandemic, 270 US Apple Stores Open Again

Apple stores open again. Apple said all their 270 stores across the United States (US) have reopened on Monday (1/3/2021) local time.

Quoted by Antaranews from Reuters, Tuesday (2/3/2021), the opening was carried out for the first time after almost a year they were forced to close shops due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company said it was cautious about reopening its retail stores. They use a team that includes medical experts to conduct visits in each area. In addition, the company sometimes closes the shop again when local regulations do not allow the shop to operate.

The iPhone makers have also expanded their assertiveness, a wall built in front of the main store with sales outlets and a few shelves of accessories such as phone cases and AirPods protected by plexi glass.

Latest System
On the other hand, according to official figures published on Apple’s web page for developers, as many as 86 percent of devices introduced in the last four years have adopted Apple’s latest operating system for iPhone, iOS 14.

Data calculated by the App Store until February 24, 2021 also shows that as many as 80 percent of all iPhone devices run iOS 14.

Quoted by Antaranews from Phone Arena, the adoption rate has increased, respectively 81 percent and 72 percent, compared to the last record on December 15, 2020.

The increase over the two months may appear insignificant. This is because iOS 14 has got off to an amazing start in the first three months since its release in September 2020.

When compared to its predecessors, iOS 13 has almost hit a total score of 77 percent for devices in the past four years and a total of 70 percent, at around the same time last year, which then jumped to 92 and 81 percent in June 2020, respectively.

This could mean that iOS 14 could easily surpass the last two numbers by the time iPhone users begin their adventure to give iOS 15 a try.

Apple is expected to launch the official release of the first developer beta for iOS next four months. Sticking to its predecessors, it won’t take more than three additional months for the Cupertino-based tech giant to deliver stable iOS 15 to a number of eligible devices.

Meanwhile, Apple’s iPadOS 14 adoption score also rose from 75 percent and 61 percent ahead of the holidays to 84 percent and 70 percent today. This figure is also increasing compared to its predecessor, the iPadOS 13, with 79 and 57 percent at the end of January 2020.

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