Facebook Limits Political Advertising in Indonesia

Facebook Limits Political Advertising in Indonesia

The social network Facebook limits political advertising is trying to reduce the publication of political ads on the platform for various users in several countries, including Indonesia.

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“As Mark Zuckerberg mentioned during a recent meeting, one of the comments we often hear is that people don’t want political content to take over the News Feed page,” said Facebook’s director of product management Aastha Gupta. , on the official Facebook blog, quoted Friday (12/2/2021).

Facebook is testing a reduction in political advertising for users in Indonesia, Brazil, and Canada starting this week, in the United States going forward.

During the trial period, Facebook will measure how users respond to political content that appears on the front page by creating ranking categories.

Facebook provides exemptions for Covid-19 information from accounts that belong to official institutions and government offices or services.

However, this test does not mean that Facebook will completely remove political advertising to find a solution to interact with political ads on the platform.

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