The Most Popular And Easy To Use Logo Maker Application

The Most Popular And Easy To Use Logo Maker Application

For a company, organization, merchandise, and so on, it really requires a logo as a symbol and characteristic. Logos do have many benefits, including making it easy for other people to remember what is related to this. Usually logos are made very simple but have several meanings in them so that it feels difficult for beginners to make their own logos, especially if you are not good at graphic design. Fortunately, there are now many logo maker applications available that can make it easier for you to make your own logo.

In the past, when creating a logo, it could only be done using software installed on a computer, it was indeed difficult for beginners to make a logo. Thanks to the sophistication of smartphones, you only need to download certain applications and the logo can be designed easily using the application. And what’s more interesting than some logo maker applications you can get for free. If you are still having trouble, you can also watch video tutorials on the YouTube channel.

For those of you who want to easily create logos for online shop needs, social media needs, even for companies, here are some logo maker applications that you can use on your smartphone very easily.

Logo Maker

Not only for making logos, by using Logo Maker you can also make some images more attractive. For example, to make product promotion posters, school activity brochures, advertising materials, and many more. You can easily download Logo Maker on the PlayStore, even this application has been downloaded by more than 1 million users, with the majority giving a positive rating.

Actually, by using this application you don’t really need to have graphic design skills that are too complicated, because in this application there are already many features and tools that are very easy to use. You can also freely choose the type of font, logo template, and background. But of course if you want a quality logo, ideas and creativity are the basic ingredients that you must have.


This is a logo maker application that is quite popular among the layman. Besides being able to be used via Android in the form of an application, you can also use Canva online using a laptop. This application is highly recommended for beginners who want to create a logo, none other than because of the many conveniences offered by Canva. By using Canva you can find logo ideas that match the character you want. There are many categories of logos that can be used as references, for example those related to culinary, offices, educational institutions, and many more.

And what’s more interesting by using this application you can also create or combine images with short videos that look professional, most of these videos are used for promotion or just entertainment and uploaded to social media accounts. Like any logo maker application, Canva can also be used as an alternative for making school or office brochures because there are templates that are easy to use. You can also download this application for free on the Google PlayStore.

Logo Maker-Free Graphic Design

This is also one of the right logo maker applications for you to choose. There are many templates for creating logos that you can easily edit. Some of the features offered are also quite complete and easy to use, so those of you who are just starting out trying to create a logo will also feel very easy. Even if you are used to it you only need a few minutes to make a logo or brochure.

The application developed by Mobi App & Thumbnail Maker Inc is available in two versions. You can download it for free on the PlayStore or choose a paid one at a price of 289 thousand rupiah. Of course, from the two versions there are some very prominent differences, for example, there are several templates that are only available in the paid version of Logo Maker-Free Graphic Design. But you don’t need to worry, because even though the free version, some of the features and tools are no less interesting and complete.

Ibis Paint X

This application made by ibis inc has been downloaded by more than 50 million users with a very high number of positive branches. This certainly shows that this one application is popular with its users. Not just for creating logos, using this application also allows you to easily create animated images using a smartphone. Ibis also provides video tutorials on the ibisPaint YouTube channel, so you can learn graphic design techniques there.

There are many very interesting features that you can use, you can even automatically record the process of making images and logos. Using this application is a little complicated, but if you are serious and keep practicing the results will be very maximal. Some of the logos and photo editing produced from this application look very professional, it could even be that other people never think that what you are doing is using a free application that is downloaded on the PlayStore.

Logo Generator & Logo Maker

Continuing to compete among the Logo Generator & Logo Maker developers also emerged as the answer from Light Creative Lab to continue to innovate. By using this application you can easily create a logo or modify the logo template that has been provided. In fact, there are already provided over 2000 very attractive templates that you can edit, some of these templates have also been included in categories so you can more easily choose which one suits what you need.

In the description, Logo Generator & Logo Maker claims that you only need a few minutes to learn and create logos professionally in this application. Applications that have been downloaded more than 1 million.

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