WhatsApp tests new features, users can unlink devices

WhatsApp tests new features, users can unlink devices

The WhatsApp messaging app is reportedly testing a new feature. This feature is said to allow users to log out of the account on the linked device.

According to a report from WABetaInfo, the beta update for the messaging service brings a logout function. This feature will allow users to unlink the device from their WhatsApp account.

Currently WhatsApp only offers the option to remove the app from that device or alternatively remove the account to unlink the device. However, uninstalling applications can lead to data loss if a backup is not performed.

Later, the logout option will replace the Delete my account option in the account settings. WABetaInfo also shares videos of the functions in use and suggests that by tapping the logout option the user will go to the “Accept and continue” home page.

Although the video is on iOS devices, the WABetaInfo report adds that the feature in this beta version will also be available on Android. The implementation of the logout feature indicates that WhatsApp is working to release support for multiple devices.

Because, the ability to log out of the device will be important if the user logs in with multiple devices. The report also shows that multi-device support is implemented in two ways, namely WhatsApp Web and one for different related devices. Unfortunately, there is currently no release date for multi-device support on WhatsApp.

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