Xiaomi Offers an Attractive Waterfall Display Concept

Xiaomi Offers an Attractive Waterfall Display Concept

For some time now, Xiaomi has not only distinguished itself as a manufacturer of affordable smartphones. In addition, Chinese tech companies are real drivers of innovation in consumer electronics. Therefore, it is not surprising that Xiaomi is bringing back a new concept smartphone. This new concept named “Waterfall Display” shows exactly what the name suggests.

Year after year, smartphone manufacturers are giving more power to their everyday little friends. High-performance CPUs, which come with plenty of RAM in the double-digit GB range, are rarely fully usable. Therefore, it is not surprising that Xiaomi leaves the innards of its special concept smartphone presentation. The focus is clearly on the display of the device.

At first glance, the display with rounded corners reminds us of the curved designs that Samsung either likes or hates. However, Xiaomi has taken this basic idea to the extreme in the smartphone concept. Not only are the edges rounded on the sides of the screen, they are also on the top and bottom.

Waterfall Display Concept

The manufacturer made this possible with a revolutionary manufacturing process in the form of the Waterfall Display concept. The display glass is exposed to a temperature of 800 degrees and is bent into a suitable shape. The look is enhanced with a large number of polishing processes. But that’s not all, the displays are then given a special laminate. This is to ensure that the glass can withstand the stress caused by bending.

The end result should be impressive display performance on the main screen as well as rounded edges. Smartphones are completely devoid of classic speakers, instead they rely on ultra-thin piezoelectric ceramics. It will also be combined with a special foil screen sound technology that will replace the speakers and earpiece.

The Chinese company has shown a very interesting technology with the Waterfall Display concept. However, it is questionable whether the market is large enough for that. What is certain is that many users do not like the curved appearance, the reason is not only the appearance and handling.

In addition, repair work on curved screens is much more expensive than conventional flat models. However, the company is not complacent, but is trying to keep growing further.

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